System Engineering

Human being’s old aspirations of clean materials are getting stronger. To gain more strong, light, and clean materials, upgrades to existing conveying and dedusting technologies are required. At the same time, sustainable development is an indispensable condition for our future generations. Conep can offer a wide diverse and new technologies meeting both conditions.-how sharing.

Solution Proposal

ㆍUse our conveying system to improve existing dense and dilute phase conveying
ㆍReplace existing equipment with higher efficiency and low-cost X-Dusters Package
ㆍInstall our air pollution control system for complete removal of separated dust Conep Engineering

Capabilities ㆍComplete system engineering and design of pneumatic conveying system and dust removal systems
ㆍDebottlenecking or retrofitting existing equipment
ㆍEquipment Supply
ㆍProcess-specific air pollution control systems
ㆍInstallation Supervisions