Leading Company of Material Handling Filed

Industries are becoming more complex day by day. Among them, the Material Handling industry requires high technology and the highest quality. Especially these days, they are producing lighter and stronger high-tech materials, which require more technical skills. In response to these needs, Conep is designing a system that is suitable for this process based on expertise along with an investigation of raw materials and processes.

Keep Clean Materials and Environment with our Technology

Especially, we boldly developed a cleaning facility which is mainly dependent on overseas technology in order to improve product quality. It works by removing foreign matter such as streamer, dust and angel hair generated by friction in the transfer line at the final stage of plastic pellet production. The excellence and differentiation of this technology from existing products is the application of a stepped washing deck design that has been patented through research and development. Therefore, we have the technology to export not only domestically but also overseas.

In addition, we provide a clean and safe industrial environment by designing Air pollution prevention equipment with Pneumatic Conveying System. PCS and environmental equipment are not separate. When they are together, the loss of raw materials decreases and the quality is improved. As a company that does two things at once, Conep analyzes the process in various and complex aspects and provides the optimal solution to the customer’s needs.