Constant commitment to environment

Industries are becoming more complex day by day. Among them, the Material Handling industry requires high technology and the highest quality. Especially these days, they are producing lighter and stronger high-tech materials, which require more technical skills. In response to these needs, Conep is designing a system that is suitable for this process based on expertise along with an investigation of raw materials and processes.

Better Solutions, Better Environment

Air pollution is a by-product of the country's industrial and economic development, but it is a problem that cannot be overlooked or neglected anymore because it is a factor that has a direct influence on living organisms and also causes conflict between countries. It means that air pollution has become a global issue. The fine dust that has invaded not only industrial sites but also living areas threatens our daily lives and the future of our children. In order to pass on a clean environment to our descendants, it is necessary to set an example through

Continuous and voluntary efforts in the industrial group based on national efforts

As a leader in the atmospheric plant industry, we have devoted ourselves to preserving a clean global environment through innovative technology. In constantly striving for a better world and a better future for the next generations, we formed a team which specializes in the atmosphere. They provide better solutions, and research to develop high-efficiency, high-performance atmospheric technologies in areas that have recently become global issues, such as fine dust reduction.