Material Feeding System

It is a system that automatically quantitatively supplies raw materials, and a facility that quantitatively weighs and inputs raw materials into a silo in real time using a weighing system. At this time, the accuracy of weighing and dosing is very important in order to maintain a certain quality of the finished product and reduce the occurrence of defective products due to incorrect raw material input.

According to customer's needs, Conep can supply optimal loss-in–weight feeders, volumetric dosing units and dosing screws, plus our patented Rotary Feeder for direct bulk raw material injection into the Pneumatic Conveying Systems, mixers, or extruders.


ㆍMaximizing productivity by shortening work time
ㆍMaximizing reliability of the production process by supplying accurate weighing equipment
ㆍSaving energy
ㆍMinimizing defects in the entire process
ㆍPreventing the waste of raw materials so that the factory can be operated reasonably


ㆍMaterial Feeding
ㆍStoring and Discharging
ㆍScreening and Mixing
ㆍPneumatic Conveying
ㆍPlastic Compounding
ㆍPowder Coating Screening and Recovery

Conep’s Advantages

ㆍAccurate quantification of powder ingredients
ㆍDust-free dosing of powder bulk material
ㆍMaintaining the quality of a mixed product continuously
ㆍDurability with reduced maintenance requirements