High Efficiency Cyclone

Cyclones are mainly used as a pretreatment which control and remove particulates larger than 10 micrometers before the flue gases reach the microfiltration stage. Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance makes cyclones the most economical particulate control device.

By trial and error, we have successfully minimized pressure drop and increased efficiency by removing the turbulence that interrupts the gas and vortex as much as possible.

In addition, we can design and supply cyclones as a high-value-added equipment for recovering expensive material, which goes beyond the simple purpose of removing pollutants.


ㆍPre-treatment facility
ㆍGrain mill and feed mill
ㆍWood processing plant
ㆍBoiler dust collection facility
ㆍSteel making process
ㆍChemical plant raw material recovery
ㆍCement production plant and smelting plant

Conep’s Advantages

ㆍHigh efficiency cyclone
ㆍSolve internal turbulence by Vortex Breaking in the discharge section
ㆍOur broad experience in various processes