Dust & Streamer Removal System

Plastic pellets generate impurities such as dust, streamers, angel hair, etc. due to friction in the conveying line. When the pellet is transferred at a high speed as in the dilute phase, foreign substances such as streamer or angel hair are generated as the pellet scratches against the pipe, and fine dust is generated when it is relatively slowly transferred at higher pressures as in the dense phase. In addition, dust may be generated due to the temperature and the characteristics of the raw materials.

Conep's Dedusting Package System has an Elutriator installed at the front end, to remove more than 90% of the streamers and relatively bulky foreign substances. And it has X-Dusters to remove more than 90% of fine dust to produce clean raw materials with a pollutant level of less than 50ppm. Then the separated dust is completely removed at the Bag Filter, so that only clean air is discharged, and the clean raw material is safely transferred to the next process through the Rotary Feeder.


ㆍPetrochemical Industry
ㆍPlastic Industry
ㆍFood Industry
ㆍPharmaceutical industry

Conep’s Advantages

ㆍMaximized dust removal efficiency with patented stepped washing deck
ㆍFit on top of extruders and under silos
ㆍMinimizing loss of raw materials and maximizing dust removal by finely adjusting dampers for each step
ㆍDust removal efficiency of 85-90%, less than 50ppm of dust guaranteed after washing
ㆍEasy maintenance by using transparent door
ㆍVarious facility sizes by capacity