Sea Bulk & Tank Lorry Loading System

In order to load the bulk raw materials into shipping containers, truck tank lorries, etc., a fast and stable loading system that prevents loss or contamination of the surroundings due to leakage of raw materials is required.

The Sea Bulk & Tank Lorry loading is a system that loads the bulk products directly from the storage silo into a sea bulk container or tank lorry, which is the most economical and efficient way to load.

Conep has design and manufacturing capabilities to supply both individual and combined systems for Sea Bulk and Tank Lorry Loading System.


ㆍPetrochemical Industry
ㆍPlastic Industry
ㆍFood Industry
ㆍPharmaceutical industry

Conep’s Advantages

ㆍCustom turnkey design, manufacturing, installation
ㆍEfficient use of space with custom design
ㆍully enclosed, dust-free loading facility
ㆍAll-line pneumatic conveying system with compact speed minimizes product performance degradation
ㆍSpecially designed loading arm and loading chute provide uniform filling
ㆍThe loading arm adjusts vertically to the truck's variable filling point
ㆍSemi-automatic process with control
ㆍLow energy consumption