Degassing Systems

The degassing system removes VOCs or residual gases continuously generated from the pellet product stored in the storage silo to prevent explosions and fires and to improve product quality. This technology adjusts the gas concentration by supplying an appropriate amount of diluted air inside the silo.

Conep provides an optimal system by calculating the temperature and amount of diluted air that guarantees high efficiency based on our diversified understanding of raw materials. Components such as blowers, filters, and nozzles necessary for this system fall within our specialized fields for which we have accumulated experience in various processes over a long period of time and thus have guaranteed excellence in quality and performance.


ㆍPetrochemical Industry
ㆍSteel Industry
ㆍCoal Industry
ㆍChemical Industry

Conep’s Advantages

ㆍLower risk of explosion
ㆍImproving product quality
ㆍElimination of static electricity generated during transportation
ㆍLess than 30ppm of VOCs (main VOCs: C6H14)
ㆍReducing blending time